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New month means new premieres and sometimes it’s possible to get lost in the wave of so many shows marking their first episodes, especially if they are broadcast on more popular channels. Dramax is premiering a new romantic comedy this week, titled Devilish Joy and is somehow relatively less talked about even though it stars popular actor Choi Jin Hyuk in the lead role. He was last seen in time-twister thriller TunnelSong Ha Yoon (Fight My Way,My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol) stars as the leading lady.

Choi Jin Hyuk stars as a genius doctor (do we ever have any other kind?) who is also a successor to the Sunwoo company. One day he meets with an accident and loses his memory such that it only lasts for one day. He begins writing notes about his whole day events and next morning reads them to keep his life on track. Song Ha Yoon plays a has-been actress and his love interest. I think we have seen millions of dramas about amnesia so the short-term memory loss does add some newness to the subject. The drama also stars idol-actor Hoya (Answer Me 1997, Two Cops), or Lee Ho Won, as our hero’s cousin who aspires to become a top Hallyu star. Lee Joo Yeon (Handsome Guy and Jung Eum, Switch) completes the cast as an A-list actress. Looks like the drama will be set up in the world of entertainment.

In the past, Dramax has given us shows like One Percent Of Anything and recently Rich ManDevilish Joy starts from tomorrow.