Weekend drama ‘My Healing Love’ premieres today on MBC with Yeon Jung Hoon and So Yoo Jin

The first thing that I noticed while reading about new MBC drama My Healing Love was how similar the names are for the two leading men — Yeon Jung Hoon and Yoon Jong Hoon. LOL. It is a weekend drama that premieres today, with around 100 episodes and airing only on Sundays with back to back episodes each week. The show is about the rise of a woman who comes from an underprivileged background.

So Yoo Jin, last seen in 2016’s Five Children, plays the heroine who does multiple part-time jobs in order to support her family. She is married to an immature man, played by Yoon Jong Hoon of Come And Hug Me and Return fame. Yeon Jung Hoon did Bravo My Life and Man To Man last year and here he plays a divorcee and single father to a daughter.

My Healing Love is written by the screenwriter of daily dramas Start Again and It Was Love. It looks like it has got an upbeat air and of course, the usual setting of multiple characters, given the long length.

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