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Dramaland is full of remakes of shows from various countries including Japan. JTBC is premiering a new one as Korean adaptation of 2012 Japanese drama Legal High is arriving as its new Friday-saturday drama from today, following unexpected mega hit drama Sky Castle. That’s one big shoe to fill!

Legal High stars Jin Goo in the lead role as an arrogant lawyer who always wins, and winning and money are two most important things to him. I really like the actor who has shown his amazing talent in shows like Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek and Descendants Of The Sun. The latter contributed a lot in increasing his popularity. Seo Eun Soo has taken up the role opposite him as a righteous rookie lawyer who believes in justice. I recently saw her in Hundred Millions Stars From The Sky and I have to say I’m not impressed much and not so excited to see her here but I have been surprised before so ya, let’s hope she is good here.

The other lawyers are played by Yoon Park (I find him really sweet, he has acted in shows like Age Of Youth and What Happens To My Family), Chae Jung Ahn (always like her in all her roles, she was last seen in another legal drama, Suits) and Jung Sang Hoon (Jealousy Incarnate).

Legal High has the PD of Hwayugi and writer of Miss Mamma Mia at the helm.