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tvN’s new drama Touch Your Heart (also, Reach of Sincerity) reunites the memorable second lead couple of Goblin, Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na. The former also did a reunion project previously when he starred with Lee Da Hae in Hotel King after starring together in very popular My Girl.

Touch Your Heart seems like a typical romantic comedy with lovers finding their way to love through the path of bickering. Yoo In Na plays an actress who gets caught up in a scandal and thus loses her fame. She starts working at a law firm as Lee Dong Wook’s secretary in order to prepare for a famous writer’s drama role. Lee Dong Wook plays an elite lawyer who is a workaholic. Following true dramaland romcom traditions, the show has Lee Sang Woo (All About My Mom) as the gentle second lead who is a prosecutor, Son Sung Yoon (Let’s Eat 3) plays the hero’s first love and a prosecutor, forming the love square. Oh Jung Se (Plus Nine Boys) plays the CEO of the law firm, who is also a huge fan of the heroine (I think I’m going to love his character a lot).

I’m excited for the classic rom-com set-up and the cast. Touch Your Heart follows Boyfriend and premieres tomorrow in the Wednesday-Thursday slot. It does seem like the show is promoting from a long time. Anyway, it is finally here!