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Laughter In Waikiki was a surprise hit last year, telling a story about three men who run a failing guest house called Waikiki. It was full of fun and laughter and now it is back with a second season and mostly a brand new cast. The only actor reprising his role in this second instalment is Lee Yi Kyung (Red Moon Blue Sun). His character is a struggling actor, with first season being about his college mates. Here we will meet his high school friends. Kim Sun Ho (Two Cops) stars as an aspiring singer. Cute senior from Age Of Youth, Shin Hyun Soo, has joined the cast as a man who was once a promising baseball player but now plays in minor leagues. The female stars include Moon Ga Young (she received lots of praise in her last drama The Great Seducer) as all three men’s first love during high school days, Ahn So Hee (Heart to Heart) as Lee Yi Kyung’s college mate and Kim Ye Won (Suspicious Partner) as Kim Sun Ho’s older sister.

The drama has the same writer-director team that brought us season 1. I did not watch it but I think the set-up and new characters make it easy to give this one a try even if I missed the first season. Also, I will have nothing to expect and compare, a good thing I guess. The posters look fun and wacky.

Laughter In Waikiki 2 starts today on JTBC.