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This weekend saw the premiere of three new dramas having different flavours, so that saves us from being overdosed by similar treats. Only time will tell which one steals the hearts of the viewers but I have been in dramaland for long enough to know that every show has its fans. Different strokes for different folks.

Let’s have a look at the three new dramas in brief:


OCN brings a new thriller this week with Jang Ki Yong (Come and Hug Me) as a skilled hitman who is now working as a veterinarian and pop group After School’s Nana (The Good Wife) as a detective chasing a serial killer and also trying to solve the mystery behind her boyfriend’s murder. The show looks very stylish and hopefully will have substance to make a perfect thrilling ride. Bonus — it has only 12 episodes.


Warm and light-hearted Romance Is A Bonus Book has passed on the baton to dramatic and thrilling Confession which tells the story about a man, played by 2PM‘s Lee Joon Ho (Wok Of Love), who becomes a lawyer in order to clear his father’s name in a murder case for which he is wrongly accused. Yoo Jae Myung (Answer Me 1988) plays a former detective who worked on hero’s father’s case, initially believing that he is guilty but later starts to doubt after investigating the case further. Both men then join hands to work together for the same cause. Yay, teamwork! I love it when this happens. Shin Hyun Bin (Mistress) costars as a former reporter.


This one is your typical long family weekend drama with story revolving around a woman and her three daughters. She has a drunken husband and weaker economical condition but still she remains hopeful and works hard for the success of her children. The cast members include Kim Hae Sook (Room No. 9) in the central role with Yoo Sun (Clean With Passion For Now), Kim So Yeon (I Need Romance 3) and new actress Kim Ha Kyung as the three daughters. The male leads are Hong Jong Hyun (Dating Agency Cyrano) and Ki Tae Young (Creating Destiny). It is following megahit drama My Only One in the weekend slot and is penned by the writer of Father, I’ll Take Care Of You. It surely looks bright and sunny and will hopefully carry the same vibe throughout!