New Premiere: Time travel drama ‘Joseon Survival’ with Kang Ji Hwan and Kyung Soo Jin

The newly premiered drama on TV Chosun, Joseon Survival, looks pretty interesting and with a leading man like Kang Ji Hwan, my interest shot up some more as I’ve always loved his performances. His last drama was comedy Feel Good To Die. Joseon Survival is a time slip drama where not one but three people travel through time. Kang Ji Hwan plays former archer and current delivery man who, along with his first love, played by Kyung Soo Jin (Meloholic, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo), and his younger sister (Park Se Wan, of School 2017 and I’m Not A Robot fame), travels 500 years back to the Joseon dynasty and there the hero meets a famous thief, played by Song Won Suk (Father Is Strange). It is a story about their fight for survival against the unjust system. The show also stars Lee Jae Yoon (Heart To Heart).

Joseon Survival has not received that much buzz somehow. Maybe since it’s airing on a channel not much known for its dramas. TV Chosun did air well received sageuk Grand Prince last year.

Joseon Survival is directed by the PD of D-Day and Hotelier, and penned by the screenwriter of medical drama Syndrome. It aired its first episode on June 8 as a Saturday-Sunday drama.

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