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JTBC just premiered political drama Aide as its new weekend show and it surely boasts a powerful star cast with names like Lee Jung Jae, Shin Min Ah and a lot of terrific supporting actors. The drama also has another name mentioned at a lot of places, Chief Of Staff. I’m curious to know what kind of script lured Lee Jung Jae back to dramaland after 10 years. The actor did Triple in 2009 and has acted mostly in films throughout his career (Il Mare, The Housemaid, The Thieves). He plays the chief of staff to politician played by Kim Gab Soo (Man Who Sets the Table). Shin Min Ah (Tomorrow with You) plays an ambitious senator (I love her hairdo!), Lee Elijah (An Empress’s Dignity) plays a secretary to a senator while Kim Dong Joon (About Time) stars as an intern in the political arena.

I’m not exactly a fan of political shows or films but I do love a tightly scripted one with great cast. Chief Of Staff is also airing on Netflix and is directed by the PD of Miss Hammurabi and Chuno.