Song Seung Heon headlines tvN’s ‘The Great Show’ which premieres this Monday

I never knew I could say political drama and family drama in a single sentence but the new tvN drama The Great Show is mixing the two unassociated genres and looks super adorable. It is headlined by Song Seung Heon who plays a former politician who is desperately trying to go back to being elected and joining the National Assembly. One day, he meets an 18 year old girl who claims that he is her father. Taking this up as a chance to showcase a different public image and get successful in politics, he decides to raise her and three other siblings. Thus, starts some fun, some mischiefs, some love, some bonding and some growth.

The other cast members include Im Joo Hwan (Different Dreams) as a lawyer and Lee Sun Bin (Sketch) as the head writer for a show on social issues and also our hero’s ex.

The Great Show is penned by the writer of Bad Housewife and Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek. It will take up the slot of Mondays and Tuesdays. The drama is helmed by the PD of Tunnel, Bad Guys and Gap Dong. Song Seung Heon received good reviews for his role in his last drama, The Player and I’m hoping he will be delivering  good performance here as well.

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