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Fantasy is a genre where one can play with a lot of elements as the fantasy window gives a platform for plots which require suspension of disbelief. The new tvN show Melting Me Softly is bringing sci-fi kind of fantasy where the hero and heroine both remain frozen for 20 years after an experiment goes wrong as they were originally supposed to stay like that for 24 hours only. This actually reminds me of Thirty But Seventeen where the only difference was that the heroine was in a coma. The end result — the world moved on but the characters remain what they were. But I guess in this drama’s case, they will not age. Another important point, they should maintain their body temperature above 30°C in order to survive.

Ji Chang Wook plays a highly successful producer of variety programs, and Won Jin Ah stars as a part time worker at the broadcast station where the hero’s programs are filmed. I’m glad that both the main characters have the similar fate with respect to the frozen part instead of making it only odd for one of them and other acting as the one showing amusement/helping in coping with the situation as the latter has been done so many times already. This is Ji Chang Wook’s first drama since completing his military duty. He was last seen in The K2 on the small screen and movie Fabricated City on the big screen. Won Jin Ah is gradually gaining popularity, having just starting out in dramaland with Just Between Lovers and then Life last year. I have yet to see any of her previous works but Melting Me Softly is definitely on my plan to watch list.

The drama is premiering today and is anchored by the PD of Lovers In Prague, Secret Garden and Where Stars Land, and the screenwriter of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Woman of Dignity and The Miracle We Met. It also stars Yoon Se Ah (SKY Castle) in an important role. She plays a woman who was hero’s girlfriend before he went for the freezing experiment, played by Chae Seo Jin (Girls’ Generation 1979) in the earlier timeline of 1999.

Melting Me Softly will air on Saturdays and Sundays.