New Daily Drama Premieres: Wanna Taste?, Gracious Revenge

Daily drama premiere alert! If you love to spend longer time with your TV drama characters and also love the stretched out plot lines, or one melodramatic twist after another, then daily soaps are the way to go! There are two new premieres in this category, as briefly introduced below:

Wanna Taste?


Stars: Shim Yi Young (The Guest, Moment At Eighteen), Seo Do Young (Spring Waltz)

About: A woman who runs a restaurant and supports her family so that her husband can study. But he starts having an affair once he reaches a better position, as a student of a prestigious university. The heroine meets a script writer who himself is having marriage problems.

The show starts airing from tomorrow and seems like a second chance in love sort of drama with multiple characters and family problems completing the picture.

Gracious Revenge


Stars: Cha Ye Ryun (Glamorous Temptation), Choi Myung Gil (Hateful But Once Again), Kim Heung Soo (Risky Romance)

About: A woman raises her daughter with the prime aim of seeking revenge against the people who destroyed her family.

Seems like a show full of strong melo elements of plotting, revenge, power play. The drama has already started its run from November 4.

Both the shows have airing slot of Monday to Friday.

2 thoughts on “New Daily Drama Premieres: Wanna Taste?, Gracious Revenge

  1. Timescout

    I can already feel a makjang allergy attack brewing, just by reading the post. 😁 Daily dramas are certainly an acquired taste. I’ve watched a few myself, though those were of the more ‘plain and ordinary’ variety.

    1. snow Post author

      Hehe…I know! I used to watch a lot of Indian daily soaps, long time back, when there were no other types in the 2000s! But you can guess the quality 😀
      Since the time I started watching Kdramas and other international shows, I haven’t seen any.
      I guess the ‘plain and ordinary’ variety was doable, as compared to the twisty melodramatic one 😉


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