New Premiere: ‘Psychopath Diary’ with Yoon Shi Yoon, Jung In Sun and Park Sung Hoon

The plot of Psychopath Diary sounds exciting! Yoon Shi Yoon plays a man who is an ordinary clerk at a brokerage company. One day, he witnesses a murder and finds the killer’s diary. Running from the scene, he meets with an accident which results in him losing his memory. Since he has the diary of the killer, he begins to think that he is a psychopathic serial killer. What an innovative plot! Jung In Sun plays a police officer and the real killer is played by Park Sung Hoon (Justice, Six Flying Dragons).

Yoon Shi Yoon was last seen in sageuk Nokdu Flower earlier this year while Jung In Sun led Terius Behind Me last year. I really like him but I have not seen her in anything yet. Psychopath Diary is premiering this week as the Wednesday-Thursday drama on tvN following Miss Lee. One of the writers has penned shows like Time Between Dog And Wolf and Liar Game in the past.

I’m hoping for a good dose of humour (and thrills!) and interesting dynamics between these characters.

2 thoughts on “New Premiere: ‘Psychopath Diary’ with Yoon Shi Yoon, Jung In Sun and Park Sung Hoon

  1. Kay

    I’m sooo excited for this one! The plot is pretty unique, and I know Yoon Shi Yoon will do the role justice. I hoping for some fun and thrills too 🙂

  2. snow Post author

    I started it and like it so far! Plot is fresh and the treatment is darker than I thought..YSY is amazing here


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