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Kim Soo Hyun‘s first comeback drama It’s Okay To Not Be Okay premiered last weekend on tvN as well as Netflix. It costars Seo Ye Ji and Oh Jung Se in the lead roles. My verdict in short — I like it. Like really, really like it!

The show deals with the sensitive subject of mental health. Kim Soo Hyun stars as Moon Kang Tae, who keeps changing his job frequently and works as caregiver in psychiatric hospitals. He takes care of his older brother, Moon Sang Tae, who suffers from autism spectrum disorder. Sang Tae is a huge fan of the children’s books written by Ko Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji). Circumstances lead to the meeting of these three.

There is a magical realism feel throughout the drama, accentuated by the use of graphics in certain scenes, along with the way Moon Young is presented. Seo Ye Ji looks GORGEOUS and her voice is so good! So charismatic. Moon Young is a very intriguing character — she is dark, impudent, unpredictable, impulsive, even dangerous and I’m glad we are shown enough backstory to gauge her hardship during childhood. But she also has a kind heart somewhere, which can be seen in the way she helps others from time to time, although in an odd way.

Kim Soo Hyun is amazing as the good hearted and caring Kang Tae. I love how mature he is and so sensible. Oh Jung Se is brilliant in his portrayal of Sang Tae and the scenes involving these two brothers are so touching, having layers of care, fun, sensitivity and understanding. Kang Tae had to become responsible from a very young age due to the tragedy they both faced. That care also extends to the work he does and how he deals with Moon Young when he senses that her personality is very different (she suffers from antisocial personality disorder but I’m not sure if he has identified that yet) from normal behaviour.

Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji have sparkling chemistry and I just can’t get enough of their scenes together, it’s that good. I love how she is not shy about finding him fascinating and stating it, and I also love how he is reluctant to have any connection with her but at the same time he is intrigued by her. My only gripe — the childhood connection. It would have been equally effective if it was not there. The two have suffered a lot in life and I’m looking forward to their paths being crossed and how that will help in their healing.

The drama has a beautiful imagery and tight direction. There is also a soothing quality in certain scenes. I also love that Kang Tae has a very loyal friend in Jae Soo and yay for Park Jin Joo, who is always a plus in any show.

I wonder what Nam Joo Ri’s relationship is with Moon Young. Maybe some childhood backstory since all grew up in the same town.

All in all, It’s Okay To Not Be Okay had a very strong premiere and I’m definitely excited for more!