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It may be too soon to say this but I’ve started to love It’s Okay To Not Be Okay! Hopefully it will be this good till the end. The story has now moved to the small town where the Ok Hospital (the center place where everyone works) is located. The town is also where all the leads grew up. Episodes 3 and 4 shed the light on Kang Tae’s life. First we thought he is this caring person whose sole focus is taking care of his older brother. But we see that there is more to him as we navigate through his childhood where he felt neglected as his mother’s attention was on Sang Tae because of his disorder. Obviously she loved him in her own ways but the kid kept on waiting for that warmth and affection that he never got. Thus, he resonates with Moon Young’s book, which again echos with her childhood where her mother projected her as this ideal figure without the real love and warmth that she wanted.

I love, love, love the chemistry between Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji and of course, how their dynamics is developing. They both can heal and learn from each other — balance, control (or letting the control go a bit for Kang Tae), love, warmth.

Kwak Dong Yeon‘s cameo was amazing and he brought depth and heart-tugging emotions to his role as a patient. I also find Joo Ri as an interesting character because her intentions and motivations are not clear. Is it just some childhood resentment or something more?

By the way, that creepy castle! The whole scene of Moon Young’s dream sequence was so scary, I was like, are we moving to horror angle as well! But the drama is so beautiful to look at, so many shots like a painting. Gorgeous.

It looks like Episode 5 will bring Moon Young to Kang Tae’s house (and for a change, she is wearing normal clothes, hehe). There will be further push and pull in their relationship. The battle between reluctance and want. All I can say is, bring it on!

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