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Whoever is on the bandwagon of Korean drama Start-Up, I’m sure they are aware of the shipping wars going on with respect to Team Han Ji Pyung and Team Nam Do San. LOL. This is usually the case when a show keeps the viewers guessing till the end as to who gets the girl, as both male leads are given almost equal importance as well as screentime. As for me, I’m rooting for Ji Pyung to be the end game for the love line because I like him as a character and also, he has the childhood connection of the letters with the heroine. But then, my reasonable mind says that his interactions with adult Seo Dal Mi are very less, not very romantic and not enough for him to fall in love with her deeply. On the other hand, her dynamics with Nam Do San is more candid and deeper. So the question remains for us as well as Dal Mi — who does she really love? The person who was like a fantasy and helped her bear the pain during her growing years, or the person she has spent time with albeit under the impression that they are the same. I just hope in the end, everyone gets his or her happiness! I have to say I simply loved the way the whole scene of her finding out the truth played out. It was beautiful!

Episode 11 airs tonight and it seems like Dal Mi will start analyzing her heart and true feelings. Nam Do San will try to show his true self to her and possibly will take the offer to work in the US. Maybe there will be a time jump. I also hope that Nam Do San can gain confidence in his abilities and think about things other than his devotion for Dal Mi. There will be the demo day and also, further development of the unnecessary revenge arc.

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