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2021 is surely bringing a deluge of new drama announcements. tvN has confirmed the casting of its new drama You Are My Spring. The leads are Seo Hyun Jin, Kim Dong Wook along with Yoon Park and Nam Gyu Ri. The show is set in a building complex where a murder takes place — the title suggests a chirpiness but this tidbit makes it darker! The drama is being touted as a healing romance with its characters as adults who are still a child at heart.

Seo Hyun Jin plays a hotel concierge manager who moves into the said building for a fresh start. Kim Dong Wook plays a psychiatrist who resides on the floor below her apartment. Yoon Park takes on the role of a CEO of an investment company who has known the heroine from before and finally, Nam Gyu Ri plays an actress who is wary of love after getting hurt from her boyfriend who was also her manager.

To be honest, You Are My Spring sounds like a very generic title, as if we have already heard this name a lot of times before. But I like the cast here and the show is written by the writer of Bubblegum, which I’ve yet to see but have read rave reviews about. Direction is by the PD of Search: WWW, Mr. Sunshine and The King: Eternal Monarch. Plus, it’s tvN!

All 4 leads had praiseworthy dramas in 2020 — Seo Hyun Jin was in Black Dog, Kim Dong Wook in Find Me In Your Memory, Yoon Park in Birthcare Center and Nam Gyu Ri in thriller Kairos.

You Are My Spring is set to start airing in the first half of the year.