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Lee Bo Young and Kim Seo Hyung have confirmed to star in upcoming tvN drama Mine. The show is penned by the writer of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Woman of Dignity and The Miracle We Met. I haven’t seen any of the aforementioned dramas but the addition of the two actresses has surely piqued my interest. Lee Bo Young last starred in underwhelming When My Love Blooms while Kim Seo Hyung starred in thriller Nobody Knows.

Mine will depict the story of women who overcome the prejudices and find their true selves. The two leading actresses will star as daughter-in-laws of a rich family. Lee Bo Young plays a former top actress, married to the second son and Kim Seo Hyung plays the first daughter-in-law who herself comes from a wealthy family. Kpop group VIXX’s N (Familiar Wife) has also been cast as the son of Kim Seo Hyung’s character. He is the eldest grandson in the family with seemingly perfect life but in reality he is lonely and hurt after a breakup.

The story of a rich, chaebol family sounds like a typical makjang saga but I think the show will have a much more complex story. It is slated to premiere in the first half of 2021.

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