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I loved Park Seo Joon in last year’s Itaewon Class and now he has been offered to star in the new drama by the writer of medical drama Dr. Romantic (aka Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim). The screenwriter has also penned shows like Where Stars Land, Dal Ja’s Spring and Gu Family Book.

The latest drama is titled Project K (also, Gyeongseong Creature) and is a departure from his previous roles that mostly were the romantic comedy leads, exceptions being Itaewon Class and Hwarang. Project K is a thriller which sounds like it is a period drama with synopsis that says it’s a story of youths who struggled to find happiness in the times of absence of human rights. The role offered to Park Seo Joon is that of a rich man who is indifferent to the injustice happening around him in the society but his life changes after meeting a woman. Sounds a little bit like Vincenzo.

It’s up in the air if he confirms this role and I think I need more details to understand the plot structure. For now, it does sound interesting.

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