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First things first: I know the blog has been inactive for past few weeks. But I promise I’m back and the website will be back to posting regular content!

KBS is bringing a new romantic comedy drama Dal Ri And Gamjatang (also known as Dali & Cocky Prince) about two people who have opposite backgrounds. Kim Min Jae plays a man who is not book smart but is extremely good in business. His family owned small restaurant grew into a global food corporation. Park Gyu Young plays a woman from a rich family who is director of an art gallery. She has an elegant and intelligent personality but lacks in household chores. Of course, they cross paths and fall in love. The drama also stars Kwon Yul (My Unfamiliar Family) as a company director who is a rival to the hero but is sweet towards the heroine. Kim Min Jae was last seen in well received Do You Like Brahms? and Park Gyu Young starred in Sweet Home and currently airing Devil Judge, and played supporting role in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

Dal Ri And Gamjatang held its script reading back in April. Find the pictures in the post. The show is scheduled to premiere in September in the slot of Wednesdays and Thursdays. I’m mildly excited. It sounds cute!

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