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Oh I love this casting news! Yoo Ah In (Hellbound) is teaming up with Hospital Playlist‘s Ahn Eun Jin for new Netflix drama Goodbye Earth. The show is another addition in the genre of space related sci-fi after The Silent Sea. It is a story about four individuals who face a drastic situation when an asteroid is on its way to crash into Earth in 200 days, leading to its destruction.

Ahn Eun Jin was really cute as the gynecologist in Hospital Playlist series and here she is starring as a middle school teacher who quits her job once she hears about this impending calamity and starts working as a volunteer at a child and youth division. Yoo Ah In plays her boyfriend and a researcher at the Institute of Bio-science and Biotechnology in the US. He comes back to Korea to be with her in these drastic circumstances.

Jeon Seong Woo (Diary of a Prosecutor) stars as an assistant priest at a Catholic Church who has to take the main role when the head priest disappears after hearing the news about the asteroid. Kim Yoon Hye (who played pianist in Vincenzo) plays a commander of a combat service support battalion.

I think the show has the potential to deliver nail biting thrills and chills. It is written by the writer of critically acclaimed shows like Secret Love Affair and Heard It Through the Grapevine — definitely a departure from her usual relationship stories. My guess is we will get good emotional content along with the thrill-adventure-action vibes. It is helmed by the PD of the recent Netflix show My Name and Time Between Dog and Wolf.

Goodbye Earth is scheduled to premiere sometime in 2022. It is starting filming soon.

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