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Remakes of English shows are nothing new in dramaland. Dramas like Designated Survivor: 60 Days, The Good Wife, Entourage, Suits and Criminal Minds have delivered mixed results. JTBC has just premiered a drama based on British television series Cleaning Up.

The drama revolves around three women who are working hard as cleaners in a financial company to support their dreams and family – Yum Jung Ah (SKY Castle) plays a mother of two who is also the breadwinner of her family. Jun So Min (One Percent of Anything) plays a woman who wants to save enough money to open a cafe of her own. Kim Jae Hwa (Run On) plays a resourceful woman. The three of them happen to overhear a key conversation in their firm, leading to their entry into the world of insider trading in order to fulfill their aspirations.

The drama also stars Na In Woo (Mr. Queen), who is appearing in upcoming drama Jinxed At First, also premiering in June. He plays a nerdy engineering PhD student who somehow gets involved in what these three women are planning. Lee Moo Saeng (The Silent Sea) rounds out the cast as a mysterious informant for a law firm.

Cleaning Up is adapted by the writer of drama Return (2018). It started yesterday in the slot of Saturdays and Sundays. I think the concept of the show is really cool and fresh. But I’m not a fan of finance as a subject in dramas or movies, so I’m not that keen to check it out.

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