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“The lead being suspected for a murder case” is a very common thriller genre trope but it always works if done properly. The upcoming Korean movie Confession has a similar plot and stars some of the top names of Korean film and TV industry. So Ji Sub (Master’s Sun, Doctor Lawyer) plays the CEO of an IT company who becomes suspect of a murder case. Kim Yoon Jin (Lost, Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area) plays his lawyer and both work together to uncover the truth. She is someone who has 100% winning record. Nana, of Kpop group After School and dramas Glitch and Memorials, stars as a woman who holds the key to this case.

Confession is directed by Yoon Jong Seok (Marine Boy, 2009) and it’s releasing on October 26. It surely has the potential to be a taut mystery thriller and with this cast, my hopes are surely high. The movie had its premiere at the 36th Fribourg International Film Festival in March.