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I’m a little late for the list as many shows have already been premiered… but they are still new. So check out these April dramas and see if something piques your interest!


Premiere Date: April 14

Network: Netflix

Stars: Kim Hee Ae (The World Of The Married), Moon So Ri (Life), Ryu Soo Young (My Father Is Strange)

Slot: All episodes released together.

Number Of Episodes: 11

Genre: Politics, Drama, Business

About: Two women — a corporate strategist and a human rights lawyer — who join forces with an aim to make the latter the mayor of Seoul.

Thoughts: I’m not really a fan of politics genre. But a drama led by women definitely deserves a try.

Paper Moon / Pale Moon

Premiere Date: April 10

Network: ENA

Stars: Kim Seo Hyung (SKY Castle), Yoo Sun (VIP), Lee Si Woo (Hi Bye Mama)

Slot: Monday & Tuesday

Number Of Episodes: 10

Genre: Thriller, Drama

About: A housewife whose comfortable and ordinary life becomes twisted once she starts working as a contract employee at a bank. It is based on a Japanese novel.

Thoughts: Color me intrigued.

Stealer: The Treasure Keeper

Premiere Date: April 10

Network: tvN

Stars: Joo Won (Alice), Lee Joo Woo (Welcome To Waikiki)

Slot: Wednesday & Thursday

Number Of Episodes: 12

Genre: Action, Comedy, Adventure

About: A mysterious cultural asset thief who joins hands with an unofficial heritage redemption team to fight against people who evade law after stealing cultural assets.

Thoughts: This sounds like so much fun. A caper comedy is one of my favourite categories of genre.

Bo Ra! Deborah / True to Love

Premiere Date: April 12

Network: ENA, TVING

Stars: Yoo In Na (Touch Your Heart), Yoon Hyun Min (Tunnel), Joo Sang Wook (Alchemy Of Souls)

Slot: Wednesday & Thursday

Number Of Episodes: 14

Genre: Comedy, Romance

About: The love story between a dating coach who believes in strategy in love and a publishing planner who believes in sincerity in love.

Thoughts: This sounds exactly like my cup of tea. Charming leads, fun premise, romantic shenanigans. Plus, the writer penned acclaimed drama Mad For Each Other (2021).

Family / Family: The Unbreakable Bond

Premiere Date: April 17

Network: tvN

Stars: Jang Hyuk (Bloody Heart), Jang Na Ra (Oh My Baby), Chae Jung An (Coffee Prince), Kim Nam Hee (Reborn Rich)

Slot: Monday & Tuesday

Number Of Episodes: 12

Genre: Comedy, Action, Thriller

About: A secret NIS agent who works undercover as an ordinary office worker and has a sweet wife who has a secret of her own.

Thoughts: I love the main pair of Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra who would be working for the fourth time together (after Successful Story of a Bright Girl and Fated to Love You and TV movie Old Goodbye). Something we don’t see often in dramaland. The plot sounds fun and interesting too.

Doctor Cha

Premiere Date: April 15

Network: JTBC, Netflix

Stars: Uhm Jung Hwa (Our Blues), Kim Byung Chul (SKY Castle)

Slot: Saturday & Sunday

Number Of Episodes: 16

Genre: Comedy, Medical

About: A housewife who decides to restart her medical resident course after 20 years.

Thoughts: Sounds uplifting, something like lovely drama Twenty Again. I’m not really a medical drama fan but the plot got me interested.

Queen of Masks

Premiere Date: April 24

Network: Channel A

Stars: Kim Sun Ah (My Name Is Kim Sam Soon), Oh Yoon Ah (Angry Mom), Oh Ji Ho (Should We Kiss First?), Lee Jung Jin (The King: Eternal Monarch), Shin Eun Jung (Misaeng), Yoo Sun (Eve)

Slot: Monday & Tuesday

Number Of Episodes: 16

Genre: Melodrama, Thriller

About: About four friends who went separate ways after being entangled in a murder incident and how 10 years later, one of them approaches the other three who turned their back on her.

Thoughts: It sounds interesting but also like a typical revenge melodrama with lots of over the top elements.

The Good Bad Mother

Premiere Date: April 26

Network: JTBC, Netflix

Stars: Ra Mi Ran (Reply 1988), Lee Do Hyun (The Glory), Ahn Eun Jin (The One And Only)

Slot: Wednesday & Thursday

Number Of Episodes: 14

Genre: Drama, Comedy

About: A mother who raised her son with strict love needs to return to motherly duties when the son loses his memory in an accident and unexpectedly reverts to his seven-year-old self.

Thoughts: The plot sounds heartwarming and the cast is top notch.

Dr. Romantic Season 3 / Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 3

Premiere Date: April 28

Network: SBS

Stars: Han Suk Kyu (Tree With Deep Roots), Ahn Hyo Seop (Business Proposal), Lee Sung Kyung (Call It Love)

Slot: Friday & Saturday

Number Of Episodes: 16

Genre: Medical, Drama

About: The stories of realistic doctors working at a rundown hospital in the countryside.

Thoughts: I have not seen the previous two seasons of the drama so my interest is 0 but it’s hugely popular otherwise.