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The upcoming JTBC drama The Good Bad Mother sounds very interesting. It is a heartwarming tale about motherhood. It will also air on Netflix and premieres on April 26 in the Wednesday-Thursday slot.

Ra Mi Ran (Reply 1988) plays a woman who lives in a village, running a pig farm and was a strict parent to her son as she was a single mother and wanted to make him strong, hence adopting a tough love approach. This resulted in a fraught relationship between the mother and son, who is now a prosecutor, with a cold personality, played by Lee Do Hyun (The Glory). One day, he meets with an accident that makes him lose his memory and he starts behaving as his seven-year-old self. Thus, the mother has to return to her motherly duties. Ahn Eun Jin (Hospital Playlist) plays Lee Do Hyun’s character’s long time friend and ex. Yoo In Soo, who was very cute in Alchemy Of Souls, plays a troublemaker in the village who has been in love with Ahn Eun Jin’s character since a long time.

The premise has a potential for lots of laughs, warmth and tears. The cast is amazing too. The Good Bad Mother is penned by the writer of movies Life Is Beautiful (2022) and What A Man Wants (2018).

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