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Crash Course In Romance could have been a perfect sweet, funny and delightful story of parenting, family and love but it suffers from something that many recent rom-com dramas do — adding unnecessary thriller angle. It just sticks out like a sore thumb here. Thankfully, the good outweighs the bad.


Jung Kyung Ho stars as a popular Mathematics instructor Choi Chi Yeol in a private coaching class and Jeon Do Yeon stars as a former athlete and a single mother Nam Haeng Seon who now runs a restaurant. Both of them start off on a wrong foot but soon realise they have more than one connection with each other.


Crash Course In Romance is very funny. Certain scenes leave you in splits, especially the ones featuring Choi Chi Yeol as he navigates through situations different from his normal elusive life. It’s a very interesting character — he is charismatic during his classes and is passionate about his work. But in personal life, he isn’t social and does not believe in relationships. He is also vulnerable and suffers from stress, insomnia and eating disorder. Jung Kyung Ho owns the part with his magical comic timing and equally good emotional performance.

On the other hand, Nam Haeng Seon is a hard working and confident woman who is full of energy and enthusiasm and is trying her best to support her family which includes her daughter Nam Hae Yi (Roh Yoon Seo) and her brother (played brilliantly by Oh Eui Shik). Jeon Do Yeon is effortless and has an easy charm. I love that she plays her role naturally without any over the top expressions that are usual in such characters.

It’s a sheer delight to see the two main leads connect because of certain circumstances, and to see their interactions with opposing personalities and how they fall in love. It gives way to moments filled with laughs, swoon and warmth. The chemistry between Jung Kyung Ho and Jeon Do Yeon is lovely and they have a lively rapport.

Another beautiful thing is the friendship between Nam Haeng Seon and her best friend and work partner Kim Young Joo — so real and candid. Lee Bong Ryun is amazing in her natural performance as Young Joo.

Hae Yi is such a mature and sweet person. Loved her! Roh Yoon Seo plays her beautifully.

This family fills you with warmth and affection. Once Choi Chi Yeol becomes a part of it, though initially reluctantly, the scenes involving them are one of the best. It gives the show its solid heart.

I also loved the soft friendship between Hae Yi and her best friend Lee Seon Jae. They are very cute and I was rooting for them to become more. Seo Geon Hoo is a new friend in their group — he is very funny and I loved his bromance with Seon Jae and their budding friendship. Lee Min Jae and Lee Chae Min give endearing performances.

Shin Jae Ha plays Choi Chi Yeol’s devoted assistant Ji Dong Hee. He delivers a great performance.


The thriller aspect itself isn’t badly written. The issue is that it doesn’t fit with the main plot and themes. The reveal of the stalker and serial killer is predictable. Despite expecting it, I was hoping against hope that the said person is not the main villain.

The mothers of several students are also very shallow and mean. The drama didn’t do much for their growth and learning.

The show also lost steam once the main leads got together. It also focused too much on the mystery angle and the things that made it great took a backseat.


A warm, cute and hilarious ride that could have been amazing but the unnecessary thriller angle reduces the overall fun and satisfaction.

MY RATING: 8 out of 10.