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Jae Hee returns to dramaland with daily ‘Save The Family’


Those who know me, they are well aware of the fact that I have this huge soft spot for Jae Hee ever since I saw him in Delightful Girl Choon Hyang. He showed great comic timing and excellent chemistry with Han Chae Young. I love him a lot and it pains me to see him not getting the attention that he deserves. After completing his mandatory military service, he has done four dramas. Colour Of Woman was good at the start but Continue reading

Playlist ~ 1

dgch (2) I’m starting this new segment wherein I’ll be writing about a song from the myriad of drama OSTs that I really liked. They can range from fast, peppy numbers to romantic and poignant ballads. Music plays a very indispensable role in a drama—it helps in increasing the emotional feels we get from it and makes the mood of any scene much more effective. Dramas have a wide range of songs to display the story—be it romance or comedy or thriller. Without much ado, let’s go through my pick for today:

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Jae Hee headlines period drama ‘Firstborn’ for JTBC

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I LOVE Jae Hee!! Apart from the fact that he was my first drama hero and that makes him special, it’s also true that he is an extremely talented actor. He has this infinite range of expressions and he can do any role as easily as riding a bicycle. Delightful Girl Choon Hyang remains his best drama and also the one which did complete justice to this brilliant actor and his chemistry with Han Chae Young is simply impeccable. Continue reading