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Parasite creates history at the Oscars with four wins including the award for Best Picture

I can hear the collective ‘Yay’ from the long-time fans of Korean movies and dramas across the globe! Critically acclaimed and equally popular Korean movie Parasite just created history at the Academy Awards aka Oscars. It won 4 awards including the biggest one, Best Motion Picture of the Year. ~Yayyyyyyyy~ In its 92 years of existence, this is the first time that a non-English language film has won Best Picture at the Oscars. The movie has already bagged multiple awards at various international and national awards and film festivals since the time of its release. Continue reading

Period creature feature film ‘Monstrum’ with Kim Myung Min and Hyeri releases this month

If mixed in right proportions, the multiple ingredients of a creature feature or a monster movie can form a great recipe for the viewers. Some of those constituents being thrills, scares, bonding of protagonists against the antagonistic creature, determination and courage after the initial shock to defeat the evil. Korean movie Monstrum is an upcoming film starring acting power house Kim Myung Min, Kpop group Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri, Choi Woo Shik and Kim In Kwon. Continue reading

JTBC’s ‘The Package’ takes us on a France tour

The first thing that came to mind after seeing the promotional material for JTBC’s newest show The Package is “Wow! It looks gorgeous!”. The drama is a travel-romantic-comedy about a group of travellers who go to France as part of a package tour. Lee Yeon Hee (just recently wrapping Reunited Worlds) plays their tour guide and the Continue reading

KBS brings best friends-to-lovers romcom ‘Fight My Way’ with Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won

I love, love, love the best-friends-to-lovers trope in fictional romance from the bottom of my heart and this is the very first reason for my uber excitement for upcoming KBS romcom drama Fight My Way (or Third-rate My Way). The second being the leads — Park Seo Joon (last seen in a sageuk role in Hwarang) and Kim Ji Won (finally landing a leading role after doing memorable supporting ones in megahits like Descendants Of The Sun and Heirs). Thirdly, the main dynamics with the second leads, who have a relationship of their own instead of wasting time in meddling with the main Continue reading

REVIEW: Ho Goo’s Love (2015)

hg1 Ho Goo’s Love is a cute, little drama with adorable characters populating its world. It’s darker than expected and cuter than expected. This is an amusing dichotomy but this ride is exceptionally heart-warming.

The story revolves around Ho Goo, a very kind-hearted, naïve, shy, a bit timid young man who never had any girlfriend. Do Hee is the national swimming champion. He suddenly meets his first love, Do Hee, one day and how his life takes a different turn after that, makes up the rest of the show. Continue reading