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Seo In Guk and Jang Nara pair up for romance-action drama ‘I Remember You’


I love Seo In Guk. I adored him in Answer Me 1997 but that became full-blown love after High School King Of Savvy. I think there is a lot of warmth in his acting aside from being deft in emoting and comedy. I didn’t watch King’s Face because the subject matter of that show was as interesting to me as reading a blank diary. His newest drama is I Remember You, which came as a surprise because the drama was courting lots of actors (Lee Jin Wook, Lee Sang Yoon) till finally confirming his name and also because he just wrapped up his last drama. Well, more Seo In Guk is always a welcome Continue reading

‘The King’s Face’ premieres next week with Seo In Gook in his first sageuk role


I have lots of love for Seo In Gook. It started with Answer Me 1997 and this year’s High School King Of Savvy rekindled my affection for him. In all possibilities, I should have been tickled pink with the announcement of his next drama but I’m as interested in The King’s Face as I would be in watching paint dry. Firstly, it’s a sageuk and secondly, the premise doesn’t look appealing to me. But I wish all the very best to him with this show Continue reading