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May is bringing a very long list of Korean dramas to take us on an entertaining ride. There are a variety of genres to choose from — Romance, Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Historical and Fantasy. Here is a list to ease your pick!

Youth of May

Network: KBS

Premiere Date: May 3

Stars: Lee Do Hyun (18 Again), Go Min Si (Sweet Home)

Slot: Monday & Tuesday

Genre: Romance, Drama

About: The love story between a medical student and a nurse set in the year 1980 during the Gwangju Uprising.

Thoughts: The first thing that got me interested was the era in which the drama is based in which adds fresh and nostalgic coat of paint to a familiar love story. The writer has penned Spy (2015). Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si have previously worked together in Sweet Home. Given the nature of the difficult and turbulent period of Gwangju Uprising, I’m sure the drama will also be a tough watch, in addition to the sweet sounding love story.

Bossam: Steal the Fate

Network: MBN

Premiere Date: May 1

Stars: Jung Il Woo (Sweet Munchies), Yuri (Defendant)

Slot: Saturday & Sunday

Genre: Historical, Romance

About: A mysterious rogue who accidentally kidnaps a princess who is a widow.

Thoughts: The story sounds dramatic and something new as it takes into account the historical custom of the Joseon times called bossam as per which a widow is kidnapped in the middle of the night for her remarriage. The writing is by the writer of Birthcare Center and Surplus Princess.

Doom at Your Service

Network: tvN

Premiere Date: May 10

Stars: Park Bo Young (Abyss), Seo In Gook (Hundred Million Stars from the Sky), Lee Soo Hyuk (Born Again), Kang Tae Oh (Run On), Shin Do Hyun (Into The Ring)

Slot: Monday & Tuesday

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

About: A supernatural being whose touch causes things to vanish and a woman who puts her life on the line to avoid her fate.

Thoughts: Super excited! I LOVE Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young so surely this is like a dream casting for me. Adding a fantasy romance as the genre is just icing on the cake. I also like the other cast members. Seo In Guk and Lee Soo Hyuk are reuniting after their funny shenanigans in High School King Of Savvy in 2014. The drama is written by the screenwriter of The Beauty Inside.


Network: tvN and Netflix

Premiere Date: May 8

Stars: Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice), Kim Seo Hyung (SKY Castle)

Slot: Saturday & Sunday

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

About: The lives of high society women who are trying to find their identity.

Thoughts: Two powerhouse main actresses as the leads and a plot that sounds intriguing. I’m definitely in. It does look like coming from the pages of dramas like SKY Castle, Penthouse but I’m looking forward to see this mix of melodrama and thrills.

My Roommate Is Gumiho

Network: tvN

Premiere Date: May 26

Stars: Jang Ki Yong (Search: WWW), Hyeri (Reply 1988), Kang Han Na (Start-Up), Kim Do Wan (Start-Up)

Slot: Wednesday & Thursday

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy

About: A college student who accidentally swallows a male gumiho’s marble that would have helped him become human.

Thoughts: I like the premise and gumiho (a mythical creature) dramas are full of interesting fantasy elements. The show is based on a webcomic and reunites Kang Ha Na with Kim Do Wan who were teased as a future couple by the end of Start-Up. I like the cast overall. The writers have penned fun, ebullient dramas in the past like A Poem A Day, High Kick 3 and the Rude Miss Young Ae series.


Network: KBS

Premiere Date: May 7

Stars: Jung Ji So (W), Lee Joon Young (Good Casting), Park Ji Yeon (I Wanna Hear Your Song)

Slot: Fridays

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Music

About: The competitive world of Kpop idols with struggles, aspirations and romance in the mix.

Thoughts: Shows like Dream High and Entertainer come to mind when we think of music and pop idol based dramas. Good thing is youthful, fun dramas are always welcome in my book and it helps that this one has only 12 episodes. Based on a webtoon, Imitation is penned by two writers, one of whom wrote Moonlight Drawn By The Clouds.

Here’s My Plan

Network: MBC

Premiere Date: May 19

Stars: Ryu Soo Young (Two Weeks), Kim Hwan Hee (I’ll Go to You When the Weather Is Nice), Kim Do Hoon (Doctor John)

Slot: Wednesday & Thursday

Genre: Drama

About: A girl who decides to take revenge against those who are responsible for her miserable life.

Thoughts: It’s a 4 episode mini drama. I guess it could be a good ride as it requires a short commitment.

Racket Boys

Network: SBS

Premiere Date: May 31

Stars: Kim Sang Kyung (The Crowned Clown), Oh Na Ra (My Mister),

Slot: Monday & Tuesday

Genre: Sports, Drama

About: A group of badminton players from a rural town.

Thoughts: The biggest draw — it is created by the writer of Prison Playbook, so we can expect a touching story with realistic and poignant touch, along with humour. Plus, sports as a genre is another attraction. Story of underdogs is always my cup of tea!

Move to Heaven

Network: Netflix

Premiere Date: May 14

Stars: Lee Je Hoon (Signal), Tang Joon Sang (Crash Landing on You), Hong Seung Hee (Navillera)

Slot: All episodes uploaded together

Genre: Drama

About: An ex-convict who starts working as trauma cleaner along with his nephew who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome.

Thoughts: This one has piqued my interest due to its atypical story. It’s an original Netflix series and is based on the nonfiction essay by Kim Sae Byul titled Things Left Behind. It has potential to be a moving drama with many life lessons to learn from. It is penned by the writer of Boys Before Flowers and Angel Eyes.

The Crazy Guy in This District / Crazy Person in the Area / Mad for Each Other

Network: KakaoTV

Premiere Date: May 24

Stars: Jung Woo (Reply 1994), Oh Yeon Seo (A Korean Odyssey)

Slot: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

Genre: Romance, Comedy

About: The love story between a detective with short temper and a woman with delusions and compulsions who easily angers others.

Thoughts: It has been a very long time since Jung Woo worked in a drama. His last small screen appearance was in super popular Reply 1994 back in 2013 (!!). The story sounds not exactly new with opposites attract romance but the cast and a touch of wackiness might make it a fun ride. It has a total of 13 episodes.