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I first saw Moon Geun Young in My Little Bride, my first ever venture into Korean entertainment. I loved that film (still love it to pieces) and liked her a lot. She was cute and carried emotional scenes pretty well. Later, when I started watching dramas, a far better thing than the Korean movies, I wasn’t interested in seeing any of her dramas as they didn’t attract me because of their poor reviews. I really want to see Painter Of The Wind some day as it has got good feedback, and is the only drama of hers that received favorable response. Her last show, Alice In Cheongdamdong, did interest me initially but after 9 to 10 episodes, I lost all of my liking and interest in it. Without any particular reason. And I didn’t like her one note expressions in it. But I know she can do wonders, so I blame it on the script which didn’t do justice to her amazing acting talent.

And what is with the dramaland right now? It’s flooded with so many upcoming historical dramas, and here is another addition to it: The Goddess of Fire, Jeongi. It will be Moon Geun Young’s second sageuk role, if she accepts this and is still considering it favorably. The story is about the ceramic artist Baek Pa Sun, the first woman potter in Joseon. In those historical times, the potters were forced to move to Japan. The show will have a total of 32 episodes and will depict her eventful life.

The Goddess of Fire, Jeongi will follow Gu Family Book on MBC, that places its premiere somewhere in June. And ya, this also leaves us with the flattering question: who is gonna be the leading man?? I hope they take Kim Rae Won: haven’t seen him in a sageuk before and the most important reason is I want them to star again after their wonderful chemistry in My Little Bride.