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Yeon Jung Hoon

It sure seems like I’m writing so many posts about weekend dramas. The new entry is the MBC drama I Summon You, GoldThe drama stars Yeon Jung Hoon in the lead role, and that I find really interesting. I love it when the action heroes star in a romance, comedy drama as it gives me a chance to swoon over them in a romantic role as well!!  I haven’t got the chance to see the much acclaimed show Vampire Prosecutor, but I can understand it to a T that it’s completely different from his role in this weekend drama. The female lead is Han Ji Hye (May Queen), who I found cute and adorable in Sweet 18. She will be playing double role here: one is a hardworking, determined, optimistic, dutiful, (add whatever adjectives come to your mind when describing the typical candy drama heroine)..; who dreams of becoming a jewelry designer and the other one is a daughter-in-law of a rich family. They are not twins, only look-alike.


Yeon Jung Hoon plays a divorced president of a large jewelry company, the elder son. He will experience true love and happiness through our heroine. So, basically the usual chaebol. His younger brother will be played by Lee Tae Sung (Playful Kiss), who I find really sweet and likable. His wife will be Lee Soo Kyung. She was great in Color Of Woman, in which she played a grey character rather than the usual totally black antagonist in other shows. Here she will be a rival to Han Ji Hye’s character, and also a successful jewelry designer.

I Summon You, Gold is being described as a satirical comedy on struggling middle class, with the exploration on family and marriage. Being a weekend family series, it will probably have lots of episodes. But I can give it a try as I like the cast and Yeon Jung Hoon surely provides a plus point to it. It will premiere in April after Rascal Sons wraps up.

Lee Soo Kyung