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KBS brings daily drama ‘Left-handed Wife’ with Lee Soo Kyung and Kim Jin Woo

The new KBS daily drama Left-handed Wife sounds interesting. It is a story about newly weds, played by Lee Soo Kyung and Kim Jin Woo, who are on a honeymoon when he loses his memory and she is unaware of what happened to her husband. It looks like a thriller with some Continue reading

Posters and Stills for ‘I Summon You, Gold’

It’s time for some stills for the upcoming weekend drama I Summon You, Gold. I don’t know what that name suggests except for the fact that our heroine, or rather both her and her rival will be connected to jewelry designing. Hence, the ‘gold’ in the title. Han Ji Hye stars as a hardworking, sweet girl and also as a rich daughter-in-law. They are not related and so I don’t get the logic of resemblance. *reminds herself that it is dramaland and therefore, logic goes down the drain* Or maybe they will create some last minute birth secret! Continue reading

MBC’s upcoming weekend drama ‘I Summon You, Gold’

Yeon Jung Hoon

It sure seems like I’m writing so many posts about weekend dramas. The new entry is the MBC drama I Summon You, GoldThe drama stars Yeon Jung Hoon in the lead role, and that I find really interesting. I love it when the action heroes star in a romance, comedy drama as it gives me a chance to swoon over them in a romantic role as well!!  I haven’t got the chance to see the much acclaimed show Vampire Prosecutor, but I can understand it to a T that it’s completely different from his role in this weekend drama. The female lead is Han Ji Hye (May Queen), who I found cute and adorable in Sweet 18. Continue reading