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  • IU as Lee Soon Shin
  • Go Doo Shim as Kim Jung Ae
  • Jung Dong Hwan as Lee Chang Hoon
  • Kim Yong Rim as Shim Mak Re
  • Son Tae Young as Lee Hye Shin
  • Yoo In Na as Lee Yoo Shin
  • Jo Jung Suk as Shin Joon Ho
  • Kim Gab Soo as Shin Dong Hyuk
  • Go Joo Won as Park Chan Woo
  • Lee Mi Sook as Song Mi Ryung
  • Kim Yoon Seo as Choi Yun Ah
  • Jung Woo as Seo Jin Wook
  • Lee Ji Hoon as Kim Young Hoon
  • Lee Ji Hoon as Jo In Sung
  • Yoon Da Hoon as Hwang Il Do
  • Bae Geu Rin as Shin Yi Jung


The drama starts where Yi Jung is arguing with Soon-shin. Finally, Mi-ryung arrives and she tells Yi-jung to come to Joon-ho’s office and talk. Joon-ho comes to know about the scene that his sister created in the restaurant. Also, Mi-ryung finds out that he wants to sign Soon-shin as a trainee.

Mom goes to the bank to take some loan where she is told about all the requirements for doing so.


Joon-ho goes to the very same restaurant and tries to gain Soon-shin’s attention but she ignores him. Finally, she comes to his table and he apologizes on his sister’s behalf. In-sung comes there to call him and he notices Soon-shin and remembers that she is the very same girl who came to their office and that she has been conned. Now, Joon-ho understands why she is ignoring him and rejecting him.

Mom asks her friend about any job openings. She tells about cleaning job.


Soon-shin tries to sleep in her room with Yoo-shin who again scolds her. Hye-shin tells Yoo-shin to not increase their tension by her behavior.

Next day, In-sung comes to Soon-shin’s workplace and tells her that he has been sent by Shin Joon-ho. She remembers about meeting him in the office. He takes her with him to a dress designer in order to get her ready for a party.


At the party, Soon-shin is introduced to Joon-ho properly and finally she sees that he was saying the truth and how famous he is. Yun-ah is also present there. At first, Soon-shin is in awe but later when Joon-ho tells everyone there that she will be trainee in their agency, she becomes angry and goes.

At Joon-ho’s office, Soon-shin refuses his offer. He tells her that this is the reason why she fails and got conned as she cannot grab proper opportunities that come her way.


On her way home, Soon-shin thinks about what Joon-ho said and is disappointed and sad.

Mi-ryung visits Soon-shin’s dad’s grave and tells that it was not her fault. Mom also comes there but they don’t meet, just pass by each other. Mom feels as if she recognized her.

Mom tells Chan Woo’s mom about her cleaning job and that she should not tell her children about it.

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Grandma is seeing that photo of dad with Mi-ryung when mom comes there. Grandma tells her that she is a cruel girl who dad used to like and also, she calls her Kyung-sook. Mom says that she resembles the actress Song Mi-ryung. And that, Mi-ryung came to the same place when she visited Soon-shin’s dad’s grave. Later, grandma wonders that Kyung-sook also wanted to become an actor.

The bakery shop owner feels guilty for what he said to Hye-shin. She is passing by with her daughter. He sees her and runs after to give her bread. Hye-shin gets a call from Chan-woo’s mom who tells her about mom’s job. Hye-shin tells this to Yoo-shin.


Soon-shin comes to her room again but Yoo-shin scolds her that mom is working, because of her debt. She is in bad mood and leaves the room and the house. She goes for drinking, where Chan Woo also comes. It seems like she knows about Soon-shin not being her real sister, as she says to him that ever since Soon-shin came to live with them, her parents only cared for her. He says,’ that is because she is already so capable .’ They both get drunk. She kisses him and is really drunk.

In the morning, Soon-shin meets her friend who tells her that her mom is working as a cleaner. Yoo-shin gets up and finds herself in a hotel room with Chan woo on the same bed and he is naked. She is shocked and runs from there.


Mi-ryung goes to Joon-ho’s dad’s clinic for some skin care where he tells her about seeing her at the club with a man that day. She is surprised but he changes the topic.

Soon-shin goes to see mom at her workplace and watches that it’s really hard for mom to work. At home, she tells her sorry.

Next day, Soon-shin comes to Joon-ho’s office and tells him that she is ready to give acting a try.