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Although the opposites attract theme has been used predominantly in dramas, movies, novels; it has not become hackneyed. If the treatment is refreshing, the plot can be so much fun and it always is. The upcoming romantic comedy drama All About My Romance is built in the same premise, where are leads, Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Min Jung, are two parliamentarians belonging to opposite parties: one is liberal and the other one conservative. The dichotomy leads to bickering, which finally gives way to love; but obviously they have to hide their relationship as they belong to political class.

Here are the posters for the drama that also stars Park Hee Soon and Han Chae Ah as the second leads. Park Hee Sun plays Lee Min Jung’s aide as she is a rookie in this field and Han Chae Ah is a reporter and college junior to both the male leads. The posters look ordinary and not very ingenious, but they clearly give a cheerful vibe. Looking from the other point, they are simple and all the actors look awesome. A rom-com with great actors is always a treat. I really hope this drama turns out to be superb and a breath of fresh air among so many sageuks being premiered with it.

All About My Romance will take over the Wednesday-Thursday slot from That Winter, The Wind Blows on SBS and will air from April 4 as the latter has to air only one episode this week.


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