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It’s confirmed that Moon Geun Young will indeed be returning to the historical role through the upcoming sageuk Goddess of Fire Jung-yi. The male lead for the show has also been cast in the form of Lee Sang Yoon, who was last seen in the rating king My Daughter Seo Young. Moon Geun Young did another sageuk as the cross dressing girl in Painter Of The Wind, and earned lots of accolades for her performance. It’s not right to say that historical dramas suit her most as she was amazing in romantic-comedy My Little Bride. Unfortunately, her dramas did not do justice to her talent and ranged from mediocre to bad and I only watched Alice in Cheongdam-dong from her dramas and that too only 10 episodes.

Anyways, this show is based on the life of the first female potter of the Joseon era, Baek Pa-sun and obviously Moon Geun Young will portray the title role. The historical figure was then forced to move to Japan during Japanese invasion and then she continued her art there as well. Lee Sang Yoon will be playing the love interest to our heroine and that means the story will take some fictional route along with the history about the ceramic artist. The drama will be having a total of 32 episodes and will follow another historical show Gu Family Book on MBC. Thus we have one more addition to the plethora of sageuks we are getting this year; the others being Jang Ok Jung, Live For Love and forthcoming fugitive thriller Mandate Of Heaven. But as each of them has a different tone and story line, I don’t think viewers will get weary of watching them.

It is a good thing that Moon Geung Young will be seen in something different as she has done lighter roles for past 2-3 years; not that I’m complaining but it will be a freshness as far as her characters are concerned.


Moon Geun Young likely to star in a sageuk again