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The Chaser was one of those dramas of 2012 that were highly acclaimed but were relatively less talked about among the international viewers  It was a political thriller involving conspiracy theme. I haven’t seen it yet, but the team of this show is back with their new epic drama called Empire Of Gold, which has cast Go Soo (Will It Snow For Christmas) in the lead role and will span over 20 years, showing the rise of a business empire. The story begins in 1990 and tells the journey of a man who sees his father working in drastic conditions of poverty and thus his ambition grows like anything to attain the highest position in the business world. He fights ferociously with the said conglomerate to rise to the top. Park Geun Hyung and Sohn Hyun Joo will play the father and son of this great business empire, both of them also starred in The Chaser. Our heroine will be the daughter of this chaebol family and thus will be in conflict between her loyalty and love. Lee Yo Won (49 Days) is still considering the role. Yoo Seung Ah (Panda and Hedgehog) has been signed on to play Go Soo’s younger sister who hates him because of a certain incident.

Well, I have not seen any of the stars’ dramas before, except Yoo Seung Ah, who was really cute as Oh Ha Ni’s best friend in Playful Kiss. But I like Go Soo in general and I really want to see his movie Love 911 with one of my favorites Han Hyo Joo. Empire Of Gold will focus on the turbulent economic era and struggle for power in the family. Basically we have a rise of a conglomerate and our hero struggling to take away that empire. The drama will have a total of 30 episodes (*sigh) and will follow Jang Ok Jung, Live For Love on SBS, that puts its premiere in July. I’m not sure if I like this premise much but I’m sure to give this a try because of the team and the actors. And I like thrillers done right.