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I was captivated by Kim Ji Hoon in Flower Boy Next Door and for the first time in my drama watching, I suffered from second lead syndrome. He left an indeliable impression with his sweet and understated acting. I don’t even know the reason why I grew fond of him so much. It was my first time watching him and I really want to see Secret Investigation Record and Love And Marriage (if only I could have more hours for fulfilling my addiction), both starring him in lead roles. I was waiting for him to pick his next project and lo, finally got the news of him being cast in upcoming weekend series on SBS. The title is Goddess Of Marriage and stars Nam Sang Mi (Time Between Dog and Wolf)and Lee Sang Woo (Childless Comfort) as his costars.

Goddess Of Marriage will be about marriage, natch. It will star Nam Sang Mi as a radio writer who dreams of an ideal love. She will obviously be attached to both our heroes in a love triangle, and realize the contrast of ideal love with the reality. It’s not confirmed yet as to who will form the OTP with our heroine, but I really wish that Kim Ji Hoon will get the girl this time. I can’t bear another heartbreak for him. The drama will also explore other love lines via lives of four women, who experience different lessons of marriage (a la The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry or Marriage Plot). I haven’t seen any of Nam Sang Mi‘s works but Bad Family is in my plan-to-watch list (which stars awesome Kim Myung Min in a brilliant comic role!!!)

The PD for Goddess Of Marriage also did Brilliant Legacy, which was an addictive drama and I liked it. It was not something extraordinaire, but it wasn’t boring either and was quite good. I get the modern, trendy vibe from Goddess Of Marriage and I’m definitely looking forward to it. It will follow Birth Secret, that premiered this week. That means we can hope its first episode to air in July.