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2013: The year of comebacks


As we are moving towards the tail end of 2013, I was thinking about the striking features of the year and thus realised that this year saw an occasion as rare as the stars on a cloudy night and that was the comeback of many actors to dramaland. Every year there are one or two shows which give us the opportunity to see the elusive stars but 2013 was especially filled with returns to the small screen. Some get busy doing movies, some go for military enlistment and some take a break; whatever maybe the reason but viewers are always delighted to see their favorite actors for at least 16 episodes or 8 weeks straight. Continue reading

Stylish and intense new posters for ‘Empire Of Gold’


Wow. The new posters are out for upcoming political thriller drama Empire Of Gold, that spans over two decades to tell its story. It has power-packed starcast consisting of Go Soo, Lee Yo Won and Son Hyun Joo in the lead roles, all characters struggling for gain of power of a large chaebol empire. Well, in these kind of shows, mostly there is no one who is whiter than white and the characters are complex. That can be seen from the moody and intense posters, which are truly impactful with brilliant use of light and scarcity of colors, making them all the more stylish. Continue reading

Go Soo to star in political thriller drama ‘Empire Of Gold’


The Chaser was one of those dramas of 2012 that were highly acclaimed but were relatively less talked about among the international viewers  It was a political thriller involving conspiracy theme. I haven’t seen it yet, but the team of this show is back with their new epic drama called Empire Of Gold, which has cast Go Soo (Will It Snow For Christmas) in the lead role and will span over 20 years, showing the rise of a business empire. The story begins in 1990 and tells the journey of a man who sees his father working in drastic conditions of poverty and thus his ambition grows like anything to attain the highest position in the business world. Continue reading