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Joon-ho struggles to regain Soon-shin’s trust in this episode, which also brings some revelations for Mi-ryung. All in all, not one of my favourite episodes. And I’m really tired of seeing Soon-shin calling herself stupid every now and then. It was pleasantly refreshing to see mom smile this time.


Joon-ho calls Soon-shin, but she has nothing to talk to him about.

Everyone at home reacts to Soon-shin’s quitting the job. Mom seems relieved now and normal as well. But quiet.

Mom asks about her work to Soon-shin, who promises to find a new job soon.


Hye-shin and Jin-wook coincidentally meet at a grocery shop and one of the women there thinks he is her husband. Woo-joo is not happy to see them talking. Jin-wook imagines Hye-shin’s face in the food which he is making at his shop.

Joon-ho doesn’t allow In-sung to throw away Soon-shin’s audition’s pictures and videos of her training. He sees them.

Soon-shin goes to sauna with Mom. One woman tells her that she has such a nice daughter. Soon-shin tells her that she is glad that she quit as the actresses look fantastic and all but they can’t eat what they want and shouldn’t be fat. She thanks mom for not abandoning her stupid daughter.


Young-hoon comes to convince Soon-shin to join his restaurant again. She says that she will think about it. Joon-ho also comes there and takes her with him. He says sorry to her and that she should just thank him and continue her work as she wanted to be an actress. She answers that even though she is stupid, but she has emotions too.

Mom tells grandma about Soon-shin being Chang-hoon’s daughter. And this is the reason for her distress these days.

Young-hoon tells Joon-ho to not come to his restaurant as that will prevent Soon-shin from joining it.

Mi-ryung and Yun-ah give some interview together. Later, the same reporter comes to Mi-ryung and starts asking about her real daughter. She is shocked.


Mi-ryung confronts manager Wang about it. He tells her that he is working so hard to cover her past and he has searched every orphanage to find her daughter before that reporter finds her. But he couldn’t find her.

Yi-jung again goes to her dad’s clinic and starts talking to Chan-woo, who tells strictly to her that she should not do this anymore, otherwise he will get mad. Her dad listens to this conversation. He asks Chan-woo to have dinner with him and his wife.

Yoo-shin and Chan-woo’s mom again have a small argument when they meet on street.


Mi-ryung finds the documents about Chang-hoon’s family where she sees Soon-shin’s year of birth. She senses something and asks her manager. He says that Chang Hoon told him that he has sent her daughter to an orphanage but the manager is also confused.

Soon-shin joins restaurant again but only until Young-hoon finds her replacement.

Yun-ah, Mi-ryung, Joon-ho’s mom and Yi-jung come to the same restaurant. Mi-ryung sees Soon-shin and asks her in private that what is her date of birth. She answers, and Mi-ryung looks lost on hearing it.


They call Joon-ho who comes but returns back after he sees Yun-ah.

The MV director tells Joon-ho that Soon-shin has a unique charm and she should change her decision.

Joon-ho returns Soon-shin’s audition material to her and tells her that he sincerely wanted to make her a great actress with all his heart. She should contact him whenever she wants to do this again. Soon-shin smiles when she sees her audition tape at home.


Grandma asks Mom about Soon-shin’s real mother but she says that she doesn’t want to know about it and Soon-shin is her daughter and will always be. She doesn’t care who her real parents are. Grandma should forget about it.

Mi-ryung is lost in thoughts and thinks about all her encounters with Soon-shin and her mom. She then comes outside Soon-shin’s house, where mom also comes out for some work and they both look at each other.