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School 2013 has deeply left such an impression of Lee Jong Suk on me that now I will definitely check out anything he is going to appear in. But that doesn’t mean I’m solely interested in forthcoming fantasy drama about lawyers, titled I Hear Your Voice, only because of him. I like the premise as well. The show stars him as a boy who has the supernatural ability to hear others’ thoughts. It stars Lee Bo Young and Yoon Sang Hyun as public defenders, who help the needy and helpless people. It is still not clear who is gonna have the main love line, but the story goes like this that Lee Jong Suk utilizes his power by assisting our heroine in her cases. I cannot imagine Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young as the couple as the age difference is too conspicuous. And I hope we will have his romance this time as although I didn’t miss it in School 2013, I would love to see him in that ‘love is in the air’ mood!!

I Hear Your Voice promises a potpourri of genres that include romance, fantasy, comedy, crime, mystery and stars Lee Bo Young as a prickly, bold and sassy lawyer with no enthusiasm for her work and Yoon Sang Hyun as a passionate and macho ex-cop turned lawyer. Together they solve the cases which have less than one percent chance of winning. I’m sure our superpower boy will be really helpful in the process. The drama is penned by the writer of shows like Dream High and Kimchi Cheese Smile, so we can expect warmth as well.

Check out the stills from the drama, that doesn’t speak much. But show Lee Jong Suk filled with bruises on his face, which was so much a regular thing in his last drama. I Hear Your Voice starts airing from June after All About My Romance completes its run on SBS. And yes, we have the script reading pics as well!!

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