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So many people know so many secrets and I’m wondering if they are secret anymore??? Overall, I liked this episode. Mom finally says sorry to our heroine and now as all burdens are removed, it’s time for her to decide her aim freely.


Scene starts with Mi-ryung declaring that she will get her daughter back.

Grandma tells mom that she opposed Mi-ryung and Chang-hoon’s relation in the past. She is so disrespectful. Mom says that let’s forget everything and never let Soon-shin know about it.

At breakfast, Yoo-shin asks Soon-shin about her next job. She answers that she’ll try for civil services. Woo-joo wants her to act again.


Mom tells Soon-shin to do what she wants. She can try acting again and mom will support her. She also apologizes for her behaviour and says that she was too excessive and narrow-minded. She tells her to always remember that no matter what happens, she is her daughter.

Mi-ryung wants to meet Joon-ho to plan for a press conference where she will announce about her daughter. She says to her manager that already reporters know about it and so it’s better to confess first as truth will come out eventually (she is so selfish!!)

Mom tells Chan-woo’s mom that she will work at her restaurant.

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Jin-wook is learning English for exams. Woo-joo sees this (she and Hye-shin drop by to buy something, as always) and calls him stupid. She says in English that stay away from her mom. She is annoyed and angry.

Chan-woo and Yoo-shin come back home in the same car and this is witnessed by their moms but Yoo-shin manages to escape on time before they could confirm it. Chan-woo tells that he has a girlfriend when his mom asks about it but doesn’t disclose her identity.

Mi-ryung meets Joon-ho’s dad and they drink. She tells him that she used to love a man a lot and also that she has a daughter whom she abandoned.


Yi-jung makes her own logic that Chan-woo doesn’t show interest in her because she is president’s daughter.

Mi-ryung informs Joon-ho that the rumours are true and that she wants to hold a press conference. He is shocked and feels pity for her daughter.

Soon-shin helps Chan-mi in her work at shoot as her assistants are on leave. She watches the shooting and gets engrossed in it. Yun-ah sees them their and taunts that it’s good she quit acting.



Joon-ho meets Soon-shin by chance at the same studio. She notices his hair cut and he blushes. He offers ride back home. After some persuasion, she agrees. Yun-ah sees them together.

Mi-ryung reaches Soon-shin’s house with lots of gifts and remarks that her daughter grew up in such environment. She apologizes to grandma about her behaviour that day. Hye-shin calls Soon-shin to avoid her coming back home in such circumstance and tells her to buy some grocery.


Joon-ho takes her to the supermarket. When he says that she should not quit acting, she answers that he should stop feeling sorry towards her. She says that she doesn’t think he used her and she needs time to reflect about herself. She is grateful for all his help. So, don’t come looking for her anymore and there is no need for explanations. She wishes him good luck with Yun-ah and leaves.

Mi-ryung tells the family about the situation with the reporters and before the public finds out, she will tell them first. If reporters come and ask anything, don’t answer. That way they can ensure everyone’s safety.


Mom tells her that she should stop this with other means. How can she be so selfish and what will happen to Soon-shin when she’ll find out. In their argument, Mi-ryung pushes mom and Soon-shin sees this. She is very angry and takes mom inside with her.

Joon-ho is passing by when he sees manager Hwang outside Soon-shin’s house and then, Mi-ryung coming out. She tells him the truth that Soon-shin is her daughter. He is flabbergasted.