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Yay…..the cute is back!! Okay, I had to endure the usual boring stuff during the whole episode for getting the adorable ten minutes or so at last, but that’s okay as far as the warm fuzzies prevail..Can’t wait for the next episode.


Manager Hwang tries to bring some sense to Mi-ryung by saying that Soon-shin’s mom is pitiful. But Mi-ryung says that she detests her by the way she raised her daughter and now she will take proper care of her daughter.

Soon-shin throws away all CDs, script and her audition video in trash, but mom sees them and brings them back.

Joon-ho gets the news that Mi-ryung is holding a meeting with a director to sign Soon-shin with her. He goes to her and says that at least she should have consulted Soon-shin first. Mi-ryung says that is he her guardian. She is her mother and she will take care of things.


Breadman Jin-wook gets teaching lessons from Hye-shin. Her mother-in-law calls and her mood gets disturbed. Jin-wook understands this and tells her that since it’s their first day of class, they should bunk it. He takes her to play (which she never did before as she was an ideal student) in a batting cage. She finds it fun and he is indirectly helping her to lessen her stress. Woo-joo sees them together and is not happy as usual.

Young-hoon calls Soon-shin to tell her that they are going to an MT the next day and she should come there and treat it as her farewell party. Expectedly she refuses. He says that they will wait for her at the station.

Yun-ah has a conversation with Young-hoon and he notices that she is unhappy.


Chan-woo’s mom comes to meet Yoo-shin and asks if she and her son are dating. At first, she denies but when his mom goes on with ‘you’re not his type and all’, Yoo-shin answers that he did propose to her. But she rejected him. Ha. Chan-woo’s mom is furious and confirms with Chan-woo, who says that he loves Yoo-shin and can’t live without her.

Joon-ho’s mom sees Mi-ryung with her husband, chatting happily at his clinic. She questions him, who ignores it. Again Yi-jung tries to be friendly with Chan-woo, who clearly says that if she’ll continue like this, he will resign.

Mom and Hye-shin watch Soon-shin’s audition video, are impressed and then, mom starts thinking what Mi-ryung told about Soon-shin’s desire to become an actor.


Soon-shin gets a voice message from Mi-ryung about the meeting. The next day, mom tells her that she should do acting and go to Mi-ryung for learning it. Soon-shin gets angry and says that she is only telling this because she hates her as she is dad’s and Mi-ryung’s daughter.

Soon-shin goes to meet that director but tells him that she doesn’t want to act. Mi-ryung says to her that she is doing this because she fells sorry towards the mother who raised her. Soon-shin meets Joon-ho outside and says that he is also like all others who do what they want and don’t consider her feelings.

Soon-shin is very upset and when she gets a message from Young-hoon that they are at the station and if she wants, she can join them; she goes there. Mi-ryung meets Joon-ho and tells him that Soon-shin should not leave this good opportunity for acting. The director will finalize it tomorrow and he should bring her back.


The restaurant staff is on the train and when Joon-ho calls Soon-shin, Young-hoon picks her phone in her stead as she went somewhere. He tells Joon-ho that they are going out and there, they will sleep over tonight. Joon-ho is shocked. He tells In-sung to find out where they went, who tells him that they went for MT. Joon-ho orders him to prepare for their trip as well. They also reach there.

The whole staff (they reach the venue) treats Soon-shin like a princess and she feels terrible and goes from there. Young-hoon goes after her and consoles her that everything will pass with time. She says that she doesn’t know who she is and what she wants. She hates herself. Soon-shin finally breaks down and starts crying. Young-hoon hugs her lightly and this is when Joon-ho sees them.