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I LOVED this episode. Okay, just the first half but it was so awesome and adorable. I think everybody knows it but I have to say: Jo Jung Suk rocks with his natural acting and priceless expressions. As for the rest, things did get resolve a bit for the second sister and Mi-ryung was her usual self. I’m short of words and it’s no use repeating the same adjectives for her!!


Young-hoon and Soon-shin are surprised to see Joon-ho and he makes excuse of work for coming there.

At night, everybody asks Joon-ho to sing after In-sung tells them about his singing talent. He finally agrees after some prodding. With a guitar 🙂 Soon-shin remembers their conversation about this and she goes from there.

Joon-ho finds her sitting alone. When he again tells her about the rare movie opportunity, she explains that she is indeed happy when she acts but she can’t do this at the cost of making her family suffer hard times and even if she pursues it later, she wants to do it on her own ability.


Next day, Joon-ho comes to know that Soon-shin already left for Seoul. He goes after her and finds her in train. He sits next to her and says that he will not take her to work and he is just taking a ride. They get their photo clicked when one of the tourists insists. Soon-shin falls asleep and her head unknowingly rests on his shoulder. He is really happy. When the train stops at a station for sight-seeing, he makes her get off and they roam around taking pics. Rain starts and they take shelter under some shade.

Soon-shin asks the reason for being nice to her: is it pity or his guilt. He says that it’s because he sees his old self on looking at her. He tells her to not give up what she likes because of others. Further he says that she is really pretty, at least in his eyes.


Meanwhile, Mi-ryung tries to call him but he doesn’t answer. When Soon-shin and Joon-ho reach the station, they meet Mi-ryung there, who again tries to persuade Soon-shin to meet the director but she refuses. Mi-ryung warns that if she’ll go, she will not help her anymore. Of course, this does not affect Soon-shin. Also, Mi-ryung and Joon-ho argue, resulting her in terminating her contract with him.

Yun-ah visits Joon-ho’s house and has cordial talk with his mom and Yi-jung.

Woo-joo takes Hye-shin away when she sees her teaching Jin-wook. She cries and angrily says that everybody in her class is saying that her grandpa had an affair, her dad also divorced due to that and now, is she also going to have an affair with  Jin-wook.


Mom worries about Soon-shin not answering her calls and she then calls Mi-ryung who blames her for Soon-shin’s decision of not acting. In another scene, Mi-ryung tells her manager that she also used to think about her daughter at times, but she kept believing she was having a good life somewhere. But now that she is in front of her, what he expects her to do.

Chan-woo’s mom meets Yoo-shin to make sure that they broke up. She then tells Yi-jung that she’ll help her in matters related to her son.

Yoo-shin is clearly upset because of her break-up and reminisces all times spent with Chan-woo. She drinks and when she sees him in front of her, she thinks it’s hallucination. But he really is there. finally, she agrees to his proposal indirectly by saying that she will give her salary to her mom, and that she will not make breakfast for him, etc. Finally she cries on his shoulders.


Rumours spread everywhere that Soon-shin’s mom, who raised her, is preventing her from acting. Also, that she was abused at home and her mom took money from Song Mi-ryung. Soon-shin is shocked and rushes home. She says sorry to mom, who tells her that this is the reason why she told her to go to her birth mother beforehand.

Soon-shin thinks something and then goes to Mi-ryung’s house. She tells her that she will do whatever she wants, even living with her. But Soon-shin is completely emotionless.