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It has been only a few days when the weekend drama Scandal was announced and it has been quietly filming for past few weeks. The drama is set to premiere this week on MBC replacing Hundred Years Inheritance, the makjang show that I initially thought of giving a try but its 50 episodes turned that down. I really hope Lee Jung Jin will sign a better drama after this as he is simply amazing and there went my chance to watch him act after liking him so much in shows like 9 End 2 Outs and Fugitive Plan B. Okay, we are talking about something else in this post, so let’s go back to it. Scandal stars Kim Jae Won as a detective who discovers that his father is actually the man who kidnapped him when he was a child. The female lead is played by Jo Yoon Hee, who was last seen in Nine. Ki Tae Young (Creating Destiny) has been slated to play Kim Jae Won’s rival and a lawyer whose father is the head of a conglomerate. It is interesting to note that his real life wife Eugene starred in the preceding drama and now he has taken the spot with this show. The other cast members include Park Sang Min (he was so awesome in Incarnation Of Money) as a fiery head of a chaebol group, Jo Jae Hyun (New Heart) as our hero’s father (it is actually funny as he looks so young to play the role of Kim Jae won’s father), Shin Eun Kyung (Flames of Ambition) as Park Sang Min’s wife and Kim Hye Ri (Kingdom of the Wind) as a spontaneous veteran actress.

Actually the full title of the drama is Scandal: Extremely Shocking and Depraved Incident. Can the name be more literal? Anyways, Scandal will have a total of 36 episodes, which is normal as it’s a weekend series and doesn’t looks like my cup of tea due to its length. I’m already watching a 50-episode drama  You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin and my inference is that it’s better to watch shorter dramas. Of course, I’m gonna give it a try just in case it gets good reviews. The cast looks great and top-notch.

Check out the posters and stills featuring Kim Jae Won and also the relationship chart about all the characters.

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Kim Jae Won and Jo Yoon Hee headline weekend drama ‘Scandal’