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There were some cute OTP scenes and one more secret comes in the open (not for us, but for Soon-shin.)


Chan-woo’s mom makes it clear that she doesn’t want Yoo-shin as her daughter-in-law. Grandma is furious at this. Yoo-shin says that she knew this would be her reaction and she and Chan-woo will take care of this.

Mi-ryung shows the room she decorated for Soon-shin to her.

Mi-ryung is disappointed that Soon-shin talked only about her mom during the interview. He manager suggests to tell the family everything.


Yoo-shin tells Soon-shin to take care of her own matters and not to stay too close to mom. (yawn!!)

Chan-woo meets Yoo-shin’s family and promises to convince his mom.

Joon-ho takes Soon-shin to a small theatre group audition. On stage, she first hesitates but then starts singing and dancing. The people recognise her as Song Mi-ryung’s daughter, ready to take her but she leaves with Joon-ho. He encourages her that she will hear these kind of things everywhere and so she should start acting cheerfully like before and with her own ability.


Mi-ryung talks to the director of Yun-ah’s upcoming drama and recommends to take Soon-shin as well in it.

Hye-shin is in a bad mood (because grandma said something like Yoo-shin should not end up like Hye-shin) and so she asks Jin-wook to bunk their class. She wants to do boxing and he teaches her. She accidentally falls in his arms…that leads to awkwardness. He tells her that he went to detention centre when he was young due to some group fight. She says that it was all in the past. She will teach him English and he’ll teach her boxing from now on. He happily agrees.


Joon-ho’s mom and Yun-ah take italian cuisine classes from Young-hoon. Joon-ho meets them and he defends Soon-shin when his mom calls her greedy. Also, he finds out that Soon-shin has been recommended by Mi-ryung for a drama.

Yoo-shin comes to meet Chan-woo’s mom but she again starts yelling at her. Chan-woo takes her out. Later, when in anger his mom says that she is not his mom and he is not her son, he declares that he will leave the house.

Soon-shin is shocked to see that the interview has been edited and there is nothing about what she said about her mom and sisters.


A huge argument takes place between mom and Chan-woo’s mom. At home, when Soon-shin tries to give explanation about the interview, mom scolds her as well.

Mi-ryung introduces Soon-shin to a new manager but Soon-shin says that she will work only with Joon-ho. She adds that she will work with her own ability.

Mom becomes sick as she remained upset the whole day.

Mi-ryung calls Soon-shin. She tells her that due to her hard work, she has got everything. She at last tells her the truth that she is not her dad’s daughter, meaning she is not Lee Chang Hoon’s daughter. Soon-shin is shocked.