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I have developed a kind of understanding with You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin now and that is to stay calm while watching it and have lots of patience to get rewarded with some cuteness. I started with hopes of a warm and cute family weekend show. Well, who am I kidding, I went into it for Jo Jung Suk!! Now, after 32 episodes in, I can say that I like it in parts and those parts are given as little time as possible in most if not all the episodes. It’s not that rest of the things are unbearable, but it’s just that they are given too much screen time that it makes me annoyed to the hilt. But I keep on going with it as I think when I’ve completed this much (more than half), I should better watch it till the last episode. The drama is as predictable as the canteen menu, but still it makes me feel good with the little bit OTP scenes it has to offer and of course I love some characters. I also want to point out that I love Joon-ho but now his whole life and actions are revolving around Soon-shin and I want my hero to have something on his own as well. How about giving him some other interesting things to do as well (a la skin treatment by Chan-woo or selling breads and studying English by Jin-wook.)

Anyways, the upcoming preview shows some couple scenes and hopefully some development although at snail’s pace. Again there is only a rough interpretation as to what will happen. Poor me, can’t do anything without subtitles..

I think Joon-ho is cheering up Soon-shin and they are sitting in a very romantic setting, beside a lake. Some kind of discussion going on between the family members: maybe about the current hot topic of Yoo Shin and Chan Woo. Jin-wook is sad and thoughtful (that’s news!!) and the same old tension between Yoo Shin and Chan Woo’s mom as she sees her and Chan-woo together.