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I have to thank Gu Family Book for being so bad that I had to drop it mid-way and picked up Dating Agency: Cyrano as my next drama just because I wanted to watch something light and modern after the tragedies of this sageuk. I liked the premise, though the original movie was horrible. After episode 1, it got my interest right off the bat, but after completing 3 episodes, I completely fell in love with Dating Agency: Cyrano and it has now become the best drama of the year so far for me. It is cute, breezy, light, feel good, fresh and has that indie vibe that makes it a picture perfect to look at. The characters are well written and there are so many heartwarming moments involved in their trajectories. But what works for me the most is the wonderful couple of Byung-hoon and Min-young. I loved how their relationship growth was never too fast, and never too slow. It was just what I wanted and some more. They started out bickering and finally leading to sparks flying between them. I’m not at all bothered by the age gap between Lee Jong Hyuk and Sooyoung and they have sizzling chemistry. I marathoned this drama in one go and now I’m regretting as I will have to wait each week to put my hands on the next episode. The drama gets the credit for rekindling the craving I had during my initial drama-watching days when I used to feel that I simply can’t wait to watch the next episode.

Among so many endearing things in Dating Agency: Cyrano, one most important one is the soundtrack, which is deftly placed and is refreshing. I love all the songs, but two are my special favorite. One of them is In the Same Storm by Big Baby Driver, which reminds me of the Tuesday Song from King Of Dramas OST. There is something in Big Baby Driver’s songs that gives me a miscellany of feelings simultaneously: a new morning, warm tea, a lazy holiday, freshness, soothingness, calmness, relaxation. A kind of feeling when we look at the peaceful ocean. And this song is no exception. The other one is A Certain Heart Fluttering by Ra. D, which is a soft romantic number that tugs at the heartstrings. I have posted the two songs below:

In the Same Storm by Big Baby Driver

A Certain Heart Fluttering by Ra. D