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News Bites: Korean Dramas — 27 June 2020

I think the latest news is chock full of script readings! Which also gives me an opportunity to talk about shows that I missed posting when their casting was announced. News Bites is a segment where latest news of Korean Dramas will be discussed at a common place. So let’s dive into the latest tidbits of dramaland! Continue reading

New Premiere: Tell Me What You Saw with Jang Hyuk and Sooyoung

The go-to network for thrillers for the fans of Korean dramas, OCN, has brought one more show for the viewers — Tell Me What You Saw. It is also about a serial killer (at this point, I’m not sure when was the last time when a Korean drama didn’t have one) but what sets it among top anticipated shows is its lead cast: Jang Hyuk and Sooyoung. I like both of them a lot and I’m hoping this show will deliver something good. Continue reading

Korean Drama and Film News | 4 November 2019

Welcome to this brand new segment of the blog where I will be summarizing latest news from the Korean drama and film world! Continue reading