You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin (Episode 34)


I’m considering dropping this show as it doesn’t interest me anymore. I tried sticking with it till now but nothing, even the OTP scenes, attract me now and I’ll decide when the next episode comes. I’ll recap it for sure it I keep on watching this.


Soon-shin fails in her audition but Joon-ho encourages her by saying that she should take step by step.

Mi-ryung prepares lots of things for breakfast but Soon-shin lies that she already ate. Later, she meets Yoo-shin while eating at some neighbourhood joint, who tells her that the family is busy thinking about her marriage plans and not her, which disappoints Soon-shin a bit.


Joon-ho and In-sung find a minor role for Soon-shin in a drama, which is that of a wannabe singer. He lets her sing in front of a music director who approves that she sings well.

Yoo-shin buys many clothes for Chan-woo’s family. Except his mom, everyone else is happy by this.

Hye-shin ignores Jung-woo. He puts a punching bag in their garden for Hye-shin’s  practice.


Chan-woo’s mom tells Yoo-shin that she has listed some household tasks for her like cleaning, cooking etc and she should complete it. Chan-woo comes home and helps her but his mom sees him massaging her feet.

Manager Hwang tries to convince Soon-shin in Mi-ryung’s favor.

Mom and Chan-woo’s mom are friendlier the next day.

Mi-ryung forgets that it’s Yun-ah’s birthday the next day which obviously pisses her off. She complains.


Mi-ryung gives Soon-shin a ride and when the latter sees her mom on the way, she gets out and rushes towards her and hugs her. Mi-ryung is jealous (meh).

Mom gave Soon-shin some home-made food but Mi-ryung unknowingly throws it away. This infuriates Soon-shin.

Joon-ho’s mom checks her husband’s call records which are filled with Mi-ryung’s name. He tells her that he had to talk to her for modeling for his cosmetic products.



Some cute moments between Joon-ho and Soon-shin during her practice session, where he shows her some dancing and they accidentally fall on each other.

It’s Yun-ah’a birthday and she is having lunch at Young-hoon’s restaurant. They call Joon-ho who tells he is busy, but comes there with Soon-shin. They join them, but his mom asks uncomfortable questions to Soon-shin and she excuses herself for meeting her old staff. Yun-ah also tries to insult her by saying that she rejected the offer of main lead in the drama for which Soon-shin is preparing for a minor role.

Yun-ah is clearly annoyed and she signs on to that drama. She is present among the judge panel. The director doesn’t like anybody’s interference in casting. Knowing this, she deliberately tells him that Soon-shin is like her sister and he should consider her. He gets upset over this. But still they tell Soon-shin to sing a song. She says that the person she loves the most used to sing this song a lot and  sings.




9 thoughts on “You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin (Episode 34)

  1. dramatictealeaves

    Lee Soon shin was one of those shows I was looking forward to forever, but turned into a pile of makjang and slow development. Good on you for keeping up with the recap, sometimes it’s hard to keep going when a show breaks your heart. These recaps are really good though!

    1. snow_white Post author

      Oh thanks 🙂
      I can never write a complete recap but I love writing summaries and so I started recapping this….but now watching the show was becoming like an exercise for me….so the decision to drop it…..

  2. BetsyHp

    Oh, I totally understand what you’re going through. Figuring out if the cute versus meh ratio is worthy of trudging on… not a fun exercise. 😦

    I definitely appreciate your recaps — but… yeah. Not worth the pain if it’s become too much a chore.

    1. snow_white Post author

      Actually recapping was not that tiring as I only did a summarised version….but watching itself has become a pain….not even the cute excites me anymore….and there are so many other good shows out there that I have no time to waste on something like this…..

  3. analogueblues

    Awww don’t quit! I’m starting to rely on your mini recaps before I watch the actual episode haha. I figured I rather find out that the show is still boring before I watch the episode, rather than going in with high hopes to ultimately be let down again…and again…and again 😦
    Thank you for the recaps though! If you quit with the recaps, will you still follow the drama? I can’t give it up..I invested more than 30hrs into this, and I will see it all the way through.

    1. snow_white Post author

      LOL 🙂 I’m glad that the recaps helped you 😀
      Actually I also thought just like you that I have spent so much time (34 eps is no joke) on this, it’s better to watch till the end….but….it’s just that there are so many good shows that I’m willing to watch and there is no time to waste on something that needs a fast forward button for more than 50 minutes of a one hour episode!! 😉

      1. analogueblues

        Lol, that is a very true. Well if you do drop it, I’ll be here to put you up to speed if you’re interested in knowing what happens. Why do I have this bad feeling that they will wait to solve everything until ep 50. Nooooooooooooo! (I kid) 😀


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