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Okay now….this is really getting tiring, yes? No?!? And confusing. Everyday reports are coming in about more and more casting for upcoming highly buzzed drama Heirs. The latest additions include Im Joo Eun (Arang and the Magistrate) and Kim Ji Won (High Kick 3). At least we have the female cast additions this time as the males outnumbered the females with only Park Shin Hye and Krystal confirmed till now. I haven’t seen either of these two actresses’ shows so I can’t say anything regarding this. I just found it funny that Im Joo Eun, who is playing the school teacher here, is actually a year younger than her on-screen student Lee Min Ho in real life. She is likely to have a love line with Choi Jin Hyuk and yay for that as I like multiple romances rather than two guys/girls pinning for a single one as if they can’t move on. It’s okay as far as they remain understanding but I really abhor the second leads who turn into antagonists just because of their obsessive love or whatever.

Tell you what, I actually like this idea of an awesome ensemble cast. I just hope it’s more than pretty faces and shenanigans. How about having some heart. Anyways, I’m very excited about Heirs!!

I’m actually late for today’s post as I’m very anxious about Dating Agency: Cyrano‘s finale today as I read some viewers’ suspicions that Minyoung might end up with Master or there is a possibility of an open ending. Noooooo….show, you can’t do this to me. I LOVE Minyoung and Byung Hoon together and they deserve their happily ever after after (did that sound confusing) you have shown me the golden moments between them that I will always cherish. I still need to catch up with last two episodes. Hopefully they will be amazing.